Jul 09, 2020 6:30 PM
Adrian Bollard
Solar energy and electric vehicles

‘Adrian will discuss the benefits (both environmental & economic) of electrifying your home & car, and adding solar panels to make your home & transport net zero. 


He has built a ‘Near Zero’ home which he hopes to make ‘Net  Zero’ with the addition of a heat pump this year. The house has 33 solar panels (10.5 KW) which generates 13,000 KWH / year. Enough to power the house and electric vehicle for 50,000 Km / year. 


The home has many Passive House features and he will discuss some options you can easily add to your home. You too can reduce your carbon footprint & step into your greener future.’



All are welcome please email Lui Greco at luigreco1@gmail.com for the Zoom cradentials.