The Rotary Club of Calgary Olympic welcomes Ankur Mahajan, co-founder & CEO of Pulp Shred, as our newest corporate member. Ankur's dedication to community service and commitment to making a positive impact align perfectly with our club's core values.


Ankur Mahajan, co-founder and CEO of Pulp Shred, is known for his innovative approach to secure document shredding and environmental sustainability. Pulp Shred, now a corporate member of our club, not only provides confidential document shredding but also recycles the shredded materials into eco-friendly products, making it a unique and eco-conscious business.

Ankur's commitment extends to various local initiatives promoting sustainability, including tree planting, community clean-up events, and educational programs on responsible waste management. His passion for the environment makes him an ideal addition to the Rotary Club of Calgary Olympic.

Our club has a rich history of community service. Ankur Mahajan's addition as a corporate member will strengthen our efforts to promote environmental stewardship and community well-being, aligning perfectly with the Rotary ethos of "Service Above Self."

Ankur Mahajan's inclusion as a corporate member will bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our projects. Together, we can make a greater impact on our community and the world.

We are thrilled to welcome Ankur Mahajan of Pulp Shred, now a corporate member, to the Rotary Club of Calgary Olympic. His passion for sustainability and community service will undoubtedly enrich our club's mission. With Ankur's involvement, we can continue driving positive change and making the world a better place. Welcome, Ankur and Pulp Shred!