220 youth from across Canada converge on Ottawa every May for an `Adventure in Citizenship'. They come from every corner, culture and language in our country and spend 4 days learning from each other while learning about how ou country is run. They tackle some of the big issues facing us today and work in some groups to come up with real solutions. They tour the House of Commons, meet MPs, the Governor General and more. It's an experience that changes the youth forever.
Our club always sends students from Calgary to Adventures in Citizenship.

RYLA is a Rotary program that we sponsor students to attend. It stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and helps youth, who show leadership potential, develop their leadership skills. It's usually a 3-4 day camp in Canmore, and they come back with a new outlook on lfe, new knowledge, connections and friendship.

These are some of the ways our club supports Bowness School:
RYLA provides leadership training for students demonstrating leadership potential
RYPEN gives youth opportunties through adventure-based learning and discussion to find their personal values and moral standards
Christmas Baskets for low income students
Scholarships for students pursuing further education in trades
Swim Passes to attend local pools